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Roy Cheecham

Clearwater River Dene Nation has been 100% owner of RobWel Constructors Limited since 2001 and we take pride in RobWel’s accomplishments over the past eight years. With clients across Saskatchewan and Alberta, RobWel has proven time and time again that it can compete with major fabrication and construction companies in both provinces. As we move towards the future, RobWel’s success will continue to be a result of its ability to perform tasks for clients with safety, quality, and cost in mind.

Owning a strong and performance orientated business is a top priority for the Clearwater River Dene Nation. In the last few years, RobWel has expanded and it now offers clients a wider array of fabrication and construction services. The result has been a stronger company and a stronger bottom line. Clearwater River Dene Nation recognizes the importance of continued growth and leaves sufficient profits in the company to provide for future expansion and diversification.

The balance of RobWel’s profits will continue to go towards funding important community initiatives on the Clearwater River Dene Nation. In the past eight years, these economic development profits have moved us toward economic self-reliance and have enabled us to fill needs in our community such as housing and other community infrastructure projects. We are proud of our ownership in RobWel and we look forward to continued success in the future.

Thank you for your interest in RobWel. We invite you to visit RobWel’s head office in Meadow Lake to discuss how RobWel can provide you with quality fabrication and construction services. We are proud of RobWel’s accomplishments and we will continue to move the Clearwater River Dene Nation towards self-sufficiency through business ownership.

In addition to RobWel, Clearwater River Dene Nation owns Clearwater Aviation and Clearwater Catering Service and has successful business investments through the Meadow Lake Tribal Council; some of which are NorSask Forest Products Inc., West Wind Aviation, Western First Nation Hospitality Limited Partnership, and Ceres-MLTC Fertilizers Inc. Please join us in strengthening the Saskatchewan economy and creating a brighter future for our people.

Chief Roy Cheecham


Chief Roy Cheecham


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