Overview of Services

RobWel provides the complete package. We have the capacity to complete projects on-site or at our large shop in Meadow Lake. We have cranes, picker trucks, backhoes, vac trucks and service trucks for all your construction needs.


The RobWel Advantage

We are your full-service project company. Through our relationships with other contractors, RobWel provides project management services to ensure the entire project is completed.

What We Do

  • Project Management
  • Equipment
  • Planning and Estimating
  • Cost Control
  • Site Supervision
  • Site Safety Services
  • On-stream maintenance
  • Shutdowns and turnarounds
  • Mining construction
  • Machining services
  • Building erection services
  • Structural steel, piping fabrication and installation including stainless steel
  • Equipment setting and assembly
  • Engineered lifts
  • Vac services
  • Oil and gas pipeline, batteries, compressor stations, wellhead tie-ins, and tank fabrication
  • Equipment such as cranes, picker trucks, backhoes, and service trucks
  • Hydro-testing services
  • CWB Certified to CSA Standard W47.1 (Structural Steel) Division 2
  • CWB Certified to CSA Standard W47.2 (Aluminum) – Division 3
  • Quality Control Programs authorized by Saskatchewan and Alberta


RobWel has certified instructors in safety training and equipment training.

 RobWel’s 14,000 square foot steel building that was completed in early 2009.

RobWel’s 14,000 square foot steel building that was completed in early 2009.

 35 Tonne Picker Truck

35 Tonne Picker Truck

 RobWel Vacuum Truck Fleet

RobWel Vacuum Truck Fleet

RobWel can solve client challenges in these areas

  • Quality and Safety
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Teamwork
  • Project Execution and Efficiency

RobWel’s loyal and experienced staff of over 200 employees and contractors work together to accurately and efficiently complete projects.

RobWel’s new building with five and ten tonne cranes enables RobWel to complete large projects including modular fabrication and steel beams. The new facility provides RobWel with a closed working system for fabrication projects ensuring close supervision and quality control.

RobWel operates a successful vacuum truck operation in Conklin, Alberta, approximately 151 kilometres south of Fort McMurray. Vacuum Truck services are provided to numerous oil-field companies exploring and mining in the Conklin area. The company operates a fleet of seven vacuum trucks,

RobWel has a fabrication and machine shop located in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, as well as an office and shop in Conklin, Alberta.

RobWel also has employees doing contract work at various mining and oil and gas sites in Saskatchewan and Alberta.